The Clock Is Ticking!

Heidi Duffy says there is so much that we can all be doing to prepare in advance for this important project…

Remember what your teacher at school told you before an exam?

‘Fail to prepare and prepare to fail!’ (usually delivered in a stern voice with the optional finger wag!).

Well, Professor Right (middle name ‘Always’) had a point, there is so much that we can all do to plan an activity to support Project EDWARD and achieve ZERO Road Deaths on 21/09/17.

Simple things like posting the website on your works intranet to highlight it to all work colleagues and encourage support, if you send out mail in large quantities and use a franking machine there is usually a facility to print a short message on the envelope so ask the mail room if you can put the Project EDWARD web address on so people will be encouraged to find out what it is all about. Contact your local Fire & Rescue station and see if they are aware of it and if they are planning an event on the day, local scout groups are also worth contacting as young people are our future but sadly many die in road crashes so they too could plan an event for Project EDWARD.

The video pledges show an amazing range of people across all sorts of organisations who intend to support Project EDWARD on the day and beyond but you don’t have to be an Emergency Services worker to do something positive to support Project EDWARD.

The strength of Project EDWARD is that it’s about real people all across Europe working together to achieve Zero road deaths on 21st September 17 and every day.

It is real people who are involved in road crashes, 70 families a day on average across Europe are torn apart by losing someone they love in a road collision and that is something that we can ALL do something about, isn’t it?

So, make a video pledge (mobile phone video is fine) and send it in to the web page, tweet and spread the word of Project EDWARD far and wide to as many people as possible and start planning something NOW to support the day.

We would love to hear your ideas so email them into us and we will put them on the web page so others can see what great things are planned for Project EDWARD.

So in a nut shell, get cracking!

The clock is ticking: not many days, hours, minutes and seconds now before Project EDWARD, so do something today!