Holiday time!

Heidi Duffy writes…

Suit cases packed, boarding passes printed and sun cream at the ready?

Stop! Did you remember to pack a copy of the highway code for the resort you are visiting?

Keeping safe on the roads might not ‘ factor’  on your holiday check-list but every year hundreds of holiday makers are killed and seriously injured in road collisions whilst on holiday at home and abroad.

Standards of road safety vary greatly from one country to another and the UK is proud to have one of the lowest road casualty rates across the world (not that it stops us aiming for Zero casualty rates with Project EDWARD).

Even in popular tourist destinations such as Spain and Portugal, there are roads with no footpaths, unfamiliar types of crossings and that is before you get used to traffic travelling on the ‘wrong’ side of the road compared to here!

So,  relax and have fun on your holidays but just be mindful to keep an extra close eye on the children when near roads, take time to check that traffic had stopped before stepping out onto a crossing (as different rules apply even on similar crossings to ours in the UK) and never drive tired.

Project EDWARD is aiming for ZERO road deaths on September 21st this year, so wherever you are in Europe on that day (and every day) add ‘Road safety’ to your holiday check-list and come back safe.