Project Edward can give you TIME!

There is an article today in the press that tells us that it is ‘Time’, not materials that ‘raises happiness’ in ourselves.

Time is indeed our most valuable ‘resource’ and often we feel guilty because we do not have enough time to spend with loved ones or doing things that make us happy.

Did you know that Project EDWARD can give you time, that precious commodity we all never have enough of?

By supporting Project EDWARD, by spreading its vital message that an average of 70 people is killed in road crashes across Europe every day and that figure (any figure that is not ZERO), is unacceptable on every level, then you (and everybody you tell) can save time.


By wearing a seatbelt, complying to speed limits, not driving when impaired by drink or drugs, by not using a mobile phone whilst driving, you will reduce the risk of being involved or causing a fatal or serious road crash in the UK or any European country.

That time saved, from losing your life and being ripped away from your family and friends, from being in hospital, being in jail, can be spent with your family, doing the things you enjoy the most, just celebrating each day alive.

So, spread the word, Project EDWARD can save you and thousands of other road users, time.

Simple really isn’t it ?