Have a think about the three Cs...

We talk about the three ‘E’s of Road casualty Reduction being Education – Engineering – Enforcement but I would want to offer up the three ‘C’s for your contemplation and perhaps conversation with a view to possible communication to your wider audience?

Concentration is the first ‘C’, whether you are driving, riding, walking, cycling , the busy road environment CRAVES your full attention and you should give 100% concentration, at all times. The road is an ever changing, Challenging place and you need to be constantly checking, looking out for vulnerable road users (such as pedestrians, pedal cyclists) and others who are moving on it.

Consideration, is the second.  You should THINK how your behaviour on the road impacts on others and be considerate to all other road users. Respect for each other will make the roads a safer place, you are all sharing the same road space.

Consequences, is the last ‘C’.  You have to consider the consequences of your actions as you make any journey on a road. The consequences of killing or seriously injuring somebody in a crash can be that you go to prison, probably also resulting in losing your job, house and possibly your family. The consequences of your actions can be grave, remember that.

Project Edward, ZERO road deaths across Europe on 21 September 2017.