Project EDWARD is green for go...

What will YOU do on Project Edward day, Thursday 21st September 17?


  • Contact your community television or radio channel and tell them all about it. Ask them to spread the word, Project Edward = Zero Road Death.
  • If you are in the teaching professional (of any age group, Road Death does not discriminate by age, it can affect all), plan a Project Edward themed event/lesson and ask the students to consider what it must feel like to lose a member of your family in a road crash. Encourage them to ‘Think Prevent’ and come up with new ideas of preventing road death across Europe?
  • Hold a garage sale or go to a Car Boot and promote Project Edward by telling everyone you sell something to, all about its aim. There might be one person you speak to who never wears a seat belt or sticks to the speed limit and because of your interaction with them, changes their driving behaviour.
  • Email your local Policing team (most Police forces have a direct email link to your Neighbourhood team) and ask them to support the day by carrying out some speed or Fatal 4 enforcement in your community. You and your residents could support them at the roadside by explaining to the drivers they stop, what Project Edward is all about.
  • If you are at school or college on Project Edward day, ask the Head Teacher to promote Project Edward in school assemblies, tutor groups and any newsletters/emails sent out by the school that day.
  • Ring up your Member of Parliament and ask them if they know about Project Edward and ask how they can contribute to making the roads a safer place for all to travel on.
  • Organise a coffee morning (whether at home or at work) and invite people to support the day by thinking about Project Edward and how they can contribute to reducing road casualties in their community or work area.