Welcome to Project EDWARD 2018

If you were wondering what this is all about, then we can tell you quite simply. We bring people together from across Europe (and beyond) with the simple goal of saving lives. Project EDWARD is, after all, the European Day Without A Road Death.

Project EDWARD 2017 took place on Thursday 21 September.  As an awareness -raising initiative, Project EDWARD achieved great success. Media attention was significant, and we know there were reports and interviews on a great many TV and radio stations across Europe.

Our social media activity (particularly on Twitter) was very successful:

Total Unique Twitter Reach for #ProjectEDWARD: 25 million   This compares with 19.5 million in 2016.

8,813 Twitter posts during the 48-hour period covering Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 September.

#ProjectEDWARD trended number 1 on Twitter in Ireland, number 4 in the UK and number 5 in Germany. We also trended in Spain and other countries.

Thank you to TISPOL President Paolo Cestra for organising the Project EDWARD seminar and round-table discussion in Rome.  Also, thanks to the speakers and to those who participated.

A big thank you to Road Safety Support and Westcotec for their support of Project EDWARD in 2017.

And thank you to the following organisations and individuals who were among the top 10 Tweeters: @GoSafeCymru,

@fatal4uk, @RoadSafetyPic, @SgtTCS, @Pekeseguro,

@SteveOConnell88 and @VolkerOrben.

Do check back frequently and make full use of the site.