Our aims and objectives

If you were wondering about our aims and objectives for Project EDWARD, then here are the details:


Short-term objectives:

To provide a high-profile, intriguing banner/umbrella, within which any road safety initiative could legitimately be organised, and that would provide a powerful, connected media hook.

To avoid the need, where possible, for additional money to be spent.

To badge Project Edward as an overarching ambition, and not to be prescriptive. This would allow individual practitioners across Europe to showcase their own efforts within Project EDWARD, without the need to spend a lot or to fit within any specific parameters.  After all, most road safety professionals do not have the time, resource or capacity to take on anything new, so we aimed to ensure that the EDWARD model would allow participating organisations to utilise their own strategies and deliveries against an international initiative. This proved very useful in raising the awareness of Road Safety issues with the public, media and elected representatives. To motivate individuals that if we all agree to make small changes, the end result can be significant

To achieve a high media and social media impact so that ‘road safety’ in some form would reach as many people as possible, with simple, positive messages such as “Thanks for slowing down… you’re a #ProjectEDWARD lifesaver”.

Medium- and long-term objectives

After evaluating Project EDWARD 2016 and 2017, we were urged to plan Project EDWARD for 2018 and 2019, and we are in the process of preparing for the 2018 initiative. We will once again evaluate the effectiveness of Project EDWARD via its social media reach, while also paying attention to casualty details provided for us by police in all participating countries. We are of course aware that so many factors can contribute to a road collision, and we were careful not to attempt any direct link between Project EDWARD activity and the number of road deaths and serious injuries.

In the longer term, as Project EDWARD gains traction, we are keen to find ways of building plotting specific casualty reporting methods so that we could be smarter and quicker in spotting trends in casualties.