Road Safety – What can individuals do to help make Project EDWARD a success?

By Rebecca Ashton, Policy and Research Campaigns Manager


Project EDWARD is an innovative way of promoting road safety. Trying to get one ‘European Day Without a Road Death’ is something every individual across Europe, and beyond, can understand and aspire to, and at IAM RoadSmart we are very supportive in making this a reality.

We all need to get involved and support this initiative, so we have written to our 90,000 members to remind them about the day and encourage them to take the pledge.

We understand that no-one sets out to have a crash, but they happen. And the majority of these crashes are due to us making mistakes either consciously, or unconsciously. One problem is that we all get complacent and believe it won’t happen to us. We fall into the trap of picking up bad habits and pretty quickly, some negative aspects of what we do behind the wheel soon become normal, and the more we get away with these things, the less risk we attach to them.

Taking an advanced driving course can be a fantastic way of improving your driving while making the roads safer for all around you. Here at IAM RoadSmart, we know the benefits our courses can offer, and because of this, and to support Project EDWARD, we want to encourage drivers in the UK to take up this benefit by offering a 10% discounton Wednesday 19 September 2018 to anyone who wants to improve their driving and become an advanced driver. In addition to this, we will be giving away our seven e-learning modules for free, which hold a value of £35, to those wanting to brush up on their skills without doing a test. Both offers are available by using code EDWARD when you checkout on the website.

Even if you’re not planning on taking up an advanced driving course just yet, you can still help make the roads a safer place by making sure everyone in the vehicle you are travelling in puts their seatbelt on. Seatbelts have been saving lives for decades but for some reason not all of us embrace them, whether this is because people believe they are super human and don’t need them, say they are uncomfortable and restricting, or simply just not considered necessary and they can’t be bothered to take the 60 seconds or less to put it on. Reminding friends and family to wear their seatbelt is such an easy way to help save a life.

Ironically, when people are relaxed on holiday in a country which may have more road deaths than their own, or when they’re travelling in a taxi, they seem to trust a driver they have never met, and keeping safe seems to go out of the window.

Remember, never be embarrassed about asking those you are travelling with to put their seatbelt on. I know the reaction can sometimes be rude and over the top, or as if you have asked for something really difficult, so my advice is to be firm but strong – just by making sure seatbelts are worn you could be saving a life – yours!