Project EDWARD welcomes DriveTech's support

Supporting Project Edward from TISPOL Organisation on Vimeo.

We’re very pleased to have the official support of DriveTech for #ProjectEDWARD who have told us they are delighted to be involved.

As with Project EDWARD’s focus to reduce European road deaths to zero, DriveTech supports businesses in the UK and internationally to focus on their management of driver risk.   Their work helps to reduce the cost of collisions, make their drivers safe and legal, support their needs for health & safety compliance and improve their overall reputation and safety profile.

In addition DriveTech also encourages drivers to act thoughtfully and considerately and even help to reduce their fuel usage through they on-road practical training.

Colin Paterson from DriveTech told us: “We’ve been doing this for over 25 years now, and as part of the AA, have seen some major changes in attitudes to health and safety and the importance of a continuous improvement approach to road safety in particular. But we must not be complacent, and switch off to the risks when behind the wheel. Driving is a key skill for life, and driving safely is a real life saver.

“Whether driving for work or for other reasons, we all owe it to ourselves and other road users to help improve safety and protect lives.

“A target for zero road deaths is admirable. Not just on the 19 September, but every day!”

DriveTech is fully behind this ambition and is committed to the drive behind #ProjectEDWARD. Why not pledge your support too?