2019 Project Edward Resources Section

Resources Section

Welcome to the Project EDWARD resources library, where you can find and download resources and materials to help you spread the word, organise events and share the central safety messages created for the 2019 European Day Without A Road Death.

The library currently has four sections:

Social media calendar and guidelines

The calendar provides all the words (in English) you need to tweet a road safety message each day from Saturday 1 to Wednesday 19 September. Feel free to translate what we have written, but please follow the timetable we have created.

The guidelines offer helpful advice on how your social media interactions can work best for #ProjectEDWARD this year.

The image libraries (Jpeg files) provide the images that go with each day’s message. You will find them with English text added, and also with no text added, so that you can add your own translations if you wish.

Support videos

If you would like advice on recording and publishing a video support message, then you should find everything you need here. There are A4 size banners – with the Project EDWARD logo – that you can print and hold during your recording. Of course, feel free to upscale them to whatever size you wish.

There is also a set of guidelines with links to sample recordings already provided.

Press releases

Currently the launch release from July this year can be found here. We will add any new press releases to this section when they become available.

Assets, artwork and guidelines

As well as the Project EDWARD logo, you will find artwork here for posters, flyers, banners and other branding. Guidelines on their use are also included.

To access the resources, please register here.
We just need a few very brief details from you, then you will be free to access the material…

We only use your email address in connection with keeping you up to date on EDWARD and TISPOL activity by email.

We hope you find all of this useful. If you have any questions, please email james@projectedward.eu and we will do our best to assist.